An Angel in the Pacific

More than 50 US medics, working with Philippine counterparts, have treated about 2,000 Philippine nationals as part of Pacific Air Forces’ Operation Pacific Angel, which runs through Feb. 22. “We have actually exceeded our initial expectations for total number of patients for the first day,” said Maj. Brad Cogswell, 13th Air Force lead medical planner. The original estimate was for only a thousand. Among the USAF participants is Maj. Marissa Marquez, from Air Force Reserve Command’s 752nd Medical Squadron at March ARB, Calif., who serves as both a medic and translator. Because she speaks Tagalog and the local dialect, she said, “I easily translated hand washing techniques, information about Dengue fever, and public health prevention tips to hundreds of people.” Also participating in Pacific Angel are USAF civil engineers, who are helping Philippine engineers replace roofs on to schools. (13th AF reports by Capt. Genieve David—medical report, construction report)