AMC Promotes Airmen’s All-around Fitness

Air Mobility Command has launched an initiative called “comprehensive airman fitness” to bolster the resiliency of airmen, Air Force civilians, and their family members. “Comprehensive airman fitness is not a program, but an approach to better equip you to handle stress,” said Gen. Raymond Johns, AMC commander, in the command’s July 7 release. He said he wants his airmen not just to survive, but “to thrive.” Two principles drive this effort: positive psychology and a holistic approach to health. Conditioning airmen to practice positive behaviors regularly in normal day-to-day activities will help them to see more available options and positive outcomes in tough times, said AMC officials. And recognizing that personal health involves physical, mental, social, and spiritual fitness will help airmen to maintain or regain their health, they said. (Scott report by 1st Lt. Kathleen Ferrero)