Al Udeid Defenders Train Alongside Qatari Counterparts

Air Force security forces personnel deployed to al Udeid AB, Qatar, trained with their counterparts in the host nation’s air force, participating in activities ranging from classroom learning to building-clearing drills, according to a base release. The training, which took place April 12-14, helps both organizations get a sense of “how each of us will react to a stressful situation,” said SSgt. Jason Kimbrough of the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. Although US and Qatari procedures vary when it comes to law enforcement, the joint drills promote better tactics to defend al Udeid and its personnel, states the release. Kimbrough said security forces airmen conduct the training with the Qataris during each expeditionary rotation to al Udeid. “Every rotation has more experience to bring to the training, making both forces stronger,” he said.