Air Force Updates Some Career Field Codes

The Air Force Personnel Center updated and modified some enlisted and officer Air Force Specialty Codes. The new codes take effect on May 1, said center officials. For example, they have split the AFSC for enlisted network intelligence analysts, 1N4X1, creating the “1N4X1A fusion analyst, digital network analyst” and the “1N4X1B fusion analyst, analysis and production,” said Barry Craigen, AFPC military classification development branch chief, April 30. “Developing and maintaining clearly written classification qualifications and standards is critical,” said Craigen. “Clear, measurable standards and qualifications enable us to accurately, objectively establish manpower positions within units and determine qualifications for airmen.” He noted that in January AFPC changed the 2A3X1 career field for enlisted avionics systems to reflect aircraft-specific suffixes, such as the CV-22, at the five-level. The new AFSC will be 2A3X4, fighter aircraft integrated avionics, he said. (San Antonio-Randolph report by Debbie Gildea)