Air Combat Command Establishes Personnel Recovery Division

Air Combat Command at Langley AFB, Va., has created a personnel recovery division, designated A3J, to execute the command’s responsibilities for organizing, training, and equipping dedicated Air Force rescue forces and preparing all USAF personnel at risk of isolation. “Part of our job entails producing well-trained rescue forces to execute recovery operations, but there’s another important piece,” said Lt. Col. Todd Worms, A3J chief. He continued, “Our focus is to ensure that anyone who is at risk of isolation is properly trained and prepared to handle those challenges.” ACC officials on Monday announced the new division, but they actually activated it in December. In August 2009, the Office of the Secretary of Defense approved personnel recovery as a USAF core function. Shortly thereafter, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz signed the operational concept for personnel recovery. (Langley report by Justin Oakes)