Air Force Centralizes Mission Support

The Air Force established a new Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, as part of its on-going effort to reduce overhead costs and increase efficiencies, according to a July 14 rel?ease. Under the new construct, Maj. Gen. Theresa Carter will serve as the special assistant to the commander of Air Force Materiel Command, and will be in charge of “developing the strategy and implementation plans for this new center,” states the release. USAF projects costs and staff levels will be reduced by 20 percent, as a result of centralizing installation support capabilities. As the Air Force continues to draw down and make cuts, these changes will help ensure readiness is not compromised, said Bill Booth, USAF acting deputy chief management officer. “The current and projected fiscal constraints have driven the Air Force to make strategic decisions to reduce its size while retaining its combat effectiveness,” said Booth. “Centralization of management support to the maximum extent possible improves our efficiency and effectiveness in providing installation and expeditionary combat support capabilities to our wing commanders and mission partners, and delivers more standardized levels of service across the Air Force.”