Air Force Academy to Hire Enlisted NCOs for Accredited Faculty Positions

CMSgt. Rob Boyer, the command chief at the Air Force Academy, speaks to an audience of enlisted Airmen, on Nov. 16, 2018. Air Force photo by MSgt. Julius Delos Reyes.

The Air Force Academy is hiring enlisted airmen as accredited faculty instructors for the first time, according to a Jan. 28 release.

The school created a total of three accredited enlisted teaching positions for senior non-commissioned officers with advanced degrees.

One of the positions, for a chief master sergeant to manage enlisted instructors, already has been filled. Master and senior master sergeants with master’s or doctoral degrees may apply for the remaining two positions through the Air Force Assignment Management System.

Once hired, each instructor will receive an academic-department assignment and teach classes relevant to the subject areas in which he or she got their degree, the release states.

Enlisted airmen have previously served as unaccredited instructors at the school, but weren’t directly assigned to the Academy.

The Academy and Air University are working together on the effort to accredit enlist instructors, with the overall goal of giving enlisted airmen with advanced degrees a chance to put their education to work while in uniform, said CMSgt. Rob Boyer, the Academy’s command chief.

“We have to be smarter in how we fight today’s wars,” Boyer said. “We have to exercise what our airmen bring to the fight and deploy our lethality from the ‘neck up.’ This is an additional opportunity to show our cadets our enlisted airmen are smart, capable, and able to get after today’s complex mission environment with commander’s intent.”

Interested airmen can go to and click the AMS link to learn more about the positions and eligibility requirements.