AFSOC Training Capacity Expands

The new Quadrennial Defense Review discusses not only security assistance reform in the Air Force’s general purpose ranks, but also outlines bolstering Air Force Special Operations Command’s training mission with partner aviation forces. The Defense Department currently meets half of the demand today for training partner aviation forces, the review states. Starting in Fiscal 2012, DOD will double its current capacity with the purchase of light fixed-wing aircraft for AFSOC’s 6th Special Operations Squadron, which is based at Hurlburt Field, Fla., thereby enabling the US “to work effectively with a wider range of partner air forces,” states the QDR. Also in Fiscal 2012, the squadron will acquire two non-US helicopters to boost its training mission, states the review. (For more QDR coverage, see Irregular Capability Boost above) (QDR 2010)