AFMC’s Five-Center Construct Fully Operational

Air Force Materiel Command’s new five-center organizational construct is now fully operational, declared AFMC Commander Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger on Tuesday. She said she was “incredibly proud” to stand with the command’s 80,000-plus workforce in announcing this milestone. “We leveraged an historic opportunity to more efficiently and effectively equip the Air Force for world-dominant airpower,” said Wolfenbarger in the command’s Oct. 22 release. AFMC undertook the two-year transition from 12 centers to five—the largest reorganization in the command’s 21-year history—as part of Air Force-wide efficiency initiatives to reduce redundancy and cut costs. Wolfenbarger said there have been “quantifiable successes” in the past year through the reorganization and the collaboration across the five centers, including lower costs, improved readiness, increased depot aircraft production, and reduced parts shortages. The five centers are the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Air Force Research Lab, Air Force Sustainment Center, and Air Force Test Center.