Afghans Gets Another C-27A

The Afghan air force has taken delivery of its ninth C-27A transport aircraft as it continues to build a fleet of 20 of these twin-engine airplanes. This refurbished airframe is now at the AAF’s base in Kabul after its flight from Italy. The Afghans retired their last An-26 transport in December and plan to phase out their An-32s this summer, leaving the C-27 as the centerpiece of their airlift capability. USAF air advisors say the C-27 is well-suited for Afghanistan’s mountainous terrain and will be invaluable due to the country’s limited road network. It’s also a good training platform for the Afghans, said Maj. Jay Troxell, a USAF air advisor. The C-27 “handles well” and is “definitely forgiving and easy to land, which helps for instruction,” he said. The AAF’s 10th C-27 is expected to arrive in early February. (Kabul report by MC2 Vladimir Potapenko)