Afghan Airman Flips the Script at Shindand

Air advisors from the 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group at Shindand AB, Afghanistan, experienced a role reversal as they became students of an Afghan airman for a class on aircraft marshaling. Normally taught by US advisors to their replacements or to Afghan maintenance personnel, the Feb. 1 class marked the first time that an Afghan air force maintainer at Shindand instructed US airmen or coalition members. Through a translator, AAF Sgt. Mohammad Dawood explained the importance of aircraft safety zones and positioning and demonstrated basic hand signals used in the marshaling process. The goal of the course was to qualify the newly arrived US airfield management team, said SMSgt. Brian Kruzelnick, 802nd Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron superintendent. The squadron asked the AAF maintenance group if they would allow one of their experienced maintainers to teach the class. (Kabul report by SSgt. Nadine Y. Barclay)