Afghan Air Force Surveys Flood Damage

Members of the fledgling Afghan air force answered a call from the governors of Afghanistan’s Herat and Shindand districts to conduct an aerial survey of the flood-ravaged Zerko Valley with an Mi-17 helicopter. Flood water last week affected about 2,000 households—more than double initial estimates. Rainwater also damaged local fields, according to a release from USAF’s 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, which advises and mentors the AAF. The Afghans’ ability to execute this type of support is an another example of the air arm’s continuing maturity and growth. Lt. Cmdr. Mario Salinas, a US air advisor at the AAF’s Shindand Air Base, said the Afghans stood ready “to support movement and delivery of humanitarian assistance.” The plan was to distribute blankets, tents, water, and food from the air base to displaced Afghan civilians.