A Diversity Roadmap

Air Force officials have launched a Diversity Strategic Roadmap designed to help the service “attract, recruit, develop, and retain a high quality, talented Total Force.” Members of the Air Force diversity operations division wrote the document and officials in USAF’s manpower and personnel directorate are charged with overseeing execution of the roadmap’s priorities. “We hope to foster an environment in which every individual’s contribution is valued and respected and we can capitalize on the uniqueness of each airman to enhance organizational effectiveness and readiness,” said Lt. Gen. Richard Newton, deputy chief of staff for manpower and personnel. He added, “Diversity allows everyone . . . to reach his or her potential and provide their capabilities to the Air Force and to the joint team.” The Air Force released the document on Nov. 17. (SAF/PA report by TSgt. Amaani Lyle) (Diversity Strategic Roadmap full text)