Academy Snitches

The Air Force Academy and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations are pushing back against a recent article published in the Colorado Springs Gazette, which claimed the Air Force recruited cadets to spy on fellow cadets for a host of criminal activities and then “disavowed them.” The article talked extensively about former cadet Eric Thomas, who worked as an informant before he was kicked out of the Academy in April—one month before graduation. According to the article, OSI ordered Thomas to wear a recorder as he infiltrated Academy cliques, set up drug buys, and tailed “suspected rapists.” He was then asked to feed that information back to OSI. In addition, the article states Thomas was “regularly directed by agents to break Academy rules.” The Academy says that just isn’t true. The article “does not portray an accurate or complete view” of Thomas’ activities during his time at the Academy, according to a USAFA statement released Wednesday. In a separate statement OSI defended the service-wide informant program as a “recognized, legitimate, and sanctioned technique used by all law enforcement agencies.” (Continue to full report)