A Vision of Global Mobility

The head of Air Mobility Command has released a vision statement outlining where mobility is headed in the next 20 years. The Rapid Global Mobility Vision “defines the air mobility professional identity, explains the capabilities we provide the nation, and lays the path for the future of air mobility,” according to the document’s foreword. The command’s “20-year strategic vectors” are: execute and sustain rapid global mobility, enhance mobility partnerships, prepare the mobility forces for tomorrow, and develop and care for airmen and their families, the vision states. AMC Commander Gen. Carlton Everhart said in a written statement that the vision is “essential to mobility airmen, as it is the framework and foundation guiding us into the future.” The document builds on past achievements and lays out plans “to address the challenges of a dynamic operational and austere fiscal environment,” he continued. Future success is dependent on “bold leadership today,” the vision concludes.