24th AF Nearing FOC

The Air Force Space Command Inspector General finished its evaluation of 24th Air Force and its subordinate units in preparation for a declaration that the new cyber command has attained full operational capability, according to a Sept. 13 release from 24th AF. The commander of Air Force Space Command makes the final determination and could make the announcement “within the next few weeks,” stated the release. Maj. Gen. Richard Webber, who leads 24th AF, said that the airmen of the new number air force—in just over 13 months—have “really moved the service forward, finding ways to work through the contested [cyberspace] environment and will continue to use their creativity and skill to keep us at the cutting edge of operations in cyberspace.” (The IG gave 24th thumbs up for its initial operational capability late last year.) (24th AF report by Capt. Christine Millette)