22K Prep for Western Pacific Exercise:

Valiant Shield, which kicks off June 19 in the western Pacific region, will comprise about 22,000 US military personnel, including more than 1,000 airmen from 10 separate bases and 50 USAF fighters, bombers, mobility, and support aircraft—all under the guidance of Lt. Gen. David Deptula, commander of the Kenney warfighting center in Hawaii. Deptula will serve as air component boss to Adm. Gary Roughead, US Pacific Fleet commander. The exercise also will include 30 US Navy ships and more than 200 Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, as well as Army and Coast Guard personnel. Valiant Shield, which replaces US Pacific Command’s Joint Air and Sea Exercise, gives US forces an opportunity to test their capability to provide “seamless” command, control, and communications, said Deptula. He noted that the newly created Kenney center is “ready” to demonstrate that it offers “optimal command and control” package.