Airmen Train, Mentor Afghans:

The Police Technical Advisory Team at Forward Operating Base Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan, has been training up to 20 Afghan National Police and the Afghan National Auxiliary Police every week, reports Capt. Nora Eyle. They are learning use of force, hand-to-hand combat, police tactics, riot control, and more. The ANP and ANAP get trained at the Regional Training Center in Jalalabad for basic police duty, and then receive tactical tasks by members of the PTAT, currently including SSgt. Daniel Smith from the 341st Missile Security Forces Squadron, Malmstrom AFB, Mont. In Kabul, USAF airmen serve as mentors for Afghan National Army air corps personnel, reports SSgt. Julie Weckerlein. The airmen comprise aircraft and vehicle mechanics, firefighters, logistics specialists, and squadron commanders. Lt. Col. Abdul Shafi, ANA air corps senior aircraft maintenance engineer operations group commander, says: “We are learning a lot. My idea is that we have a good future and I feel that one day, we will have a very strong air corps.”