Not Quite There Yet on Joint Basing:

The Air Force is concerned that moves toward joint basing could impinge upon its unique operational environment in which a base is the service’s “fighting position.” Gen. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff, told a House Appropriations panel last week that USAF, which is involved in 10 of the bases the Pentagon has tapped for joint basing consideration, wants to work through the Navy’s tabletop demonstrations to “better understand the impact” of joint basing, especially as it may affect a wing commander’s ability “to execute a task or his mission.” Air Force Civil Engineer Maj. Gen. Del Eulberg noted that USAF had been working for the past year and a half with the other services and OSD “to try to develop implementation guidance;” however, currently the OSD-established timetable for initial operational capability by Jan. 1, 2008, and full operational capability by Oct. 1, 2008, is “too aggressive.” Eulberg also pointed out another complication unique to USAF: It is “the only service with embedded combat support military members in installation management functions.”