China’s Involvement in Africa a “Test Case”?:

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has released a report pointing out that China believes Africa is on the verge of a developmental takeoff—and plans to participate. Speaking at a CSIS forum, Jim Swan, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary of African Affairs, said the overarching goal for the US is “to see China become a responsible stakeholder in the global system as befits its growing role in the international community.” He went on, “And in many ways we see China’s involvement in Africa as a test case of its willingness to work toward the broader interests of the international system.” Bates Gill, CSIS Freeman Chair on Africa Studies, said he thinks China can expect to do a better job of harmonizing its donor activities in Africa with those of other major bilateral and multilateral donors. “Beijing can expect pressures to mount to better manage its relationships with its most important bilateral partner, the United States, vis-à-vis Africa,” he said.