Now That’s Thinking:

The Washington Air National Guard’s 262nd Information Warfare Aggressor Squadron is perhaps the quintessential outfit for meeting a cyberthreat, considering it draws its airmen from among some of the giants in the computer world, namely Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, and more. Wired Magazine reports that the 262nd IWAS is the product of USAF’s “new focus on recruiting talent from high-tech companies” but wonders about a “potential conflict of interest.” The magazine questioned whether the airmen’s “inside” knowledge of systems and software used around the world could foster mistrust. At least one cybersecurity expert quoted in the article likes the idea. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne wrote of the service’s effort to “capitalize on the talent and expertise of our Guard and Reserve members who may have direct ties and long experience in high-tech industry” in the spring issue of Air and Space Power Journal. (Read Wynne’s article here.)