Indoor Showers and More:

A $14.5 million contract awarded to Afghanistan Construction Companies Umbrella has generated, within six months, the first of 14 new relocatable dorms, which USAF and Afghanistan officials formally dedicated last week. The “Texan Hall” dorm will house more than 100 airmen at Camp Cunningham in Afghanistan, providing them with indoor showers and latrines on each floor and better heating and cooling overall. The dorms comprise Conex containers that, all told, will provide housing for some 1,400 personnel, following the US Central Command standard of 80 square feet per person. The project has cheered more than the US airmen moving into the first dorm from dusty B-hut accommodations. According to Obaid Dullah, ACCU president, the project team “took the challenge and we met it.” He called the opening “one of the happiest days of my life.” (Bagram Air Base report by Capt. Toni Tones)