Pushing the Envelope on Energy:

To underscore USAF’s dual priorities of energy conservation, and development of alternative energies, William Anderson, assistant secretary for installations, environment and logistics, began a tour Oct. 25 of top Air Force energy-saving installations. His first stops took him to Edwards AFB, Calif., and Luke AFB, Ariz. At Edwards, Anderson especially wanted to see preparations for use of alternative fuel in all eight engines of a B-52 bomber. (Edwards successfully tested the hybrid fuel in two engines last month.) Anderson also viewed electric-powered vehicles and a building’s air-cooling system based on frozen water rather than energy-guzzling compressors. The Arizona Republic reports that, at Luke, Anderson saw several energy-saving initiatives, including the “first of its kind” solar panel array atop the base exchange building. The array covers two-thirds of the building’s energy needs, according to the Republic.