Nine Decibels Louder, For a While

The anti-noise crowd around Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., are on notice that the base’s noise level will increase, while 38 Air National Guard F-16s use Davis-Monthan for their home base during runway resurfacing at the Tucson Airport. Earlier this month, some residents near the base developed a list of recommendations they hope would reduce noise at Davis-Monthan caused by the base’s A-10s. In an effort to preempt noise complaints from local residents, reports the Arizona Daily Star, Davis-Monthan released an increased noise advisory. The Tucson Citizen noted that the level of noise generated by the engine of an F-16 is nine decibels louder than an A-10. The Air Guard’s 162nd Fighter Wing plans to use the base from Sept. 15-Oct. 20. Fair warning