Newbie Loadmasters Learn from Mentors:

Newly certified loadmasters like Daniel Stone, Brian Mulkey, and Sheldon Cary, all Airmen 1st Class serving in the 746th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron in Southwest Asia, are learning the intricacies of the job, with help from seasoned loadmasters. Air Force journalist SrA. Erik Hofmeyer reports that “older” loadmasters serve as “flying partners” with the younger airmen as the gain experience in mathematically calculating the correct placement of cargo and passengers on the C-130 tactical airlifter. New loadmasters also learn to perfect the handling of airdrop operations, provide passenger comfort and safety, scan for threats, perform preflight checks of the aircraft to ensure all equipment is working properly, and more. Sometimes the “mentor” loadmasters allow the newcomers to make minor mistakes so they can learn from the mistake.