Warner Cries “Foul” on Pentagon BRAC Decisions

Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) has taken a step that at least raises interesting questions about his support for the BRAC process. Readers of the Washington Post opened their newspapers on Wednesday to see, on the front page, a blast from the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The Post highlighted his claim to the BRAC commission that DOD had “rigged” its BRAC decision-making to target leased facilities in northern Virginia, where thousands of DOD civilians, uniformed personnel, and military contractors work. He cites a 2003 DOD memo stating that a “thinning of headquarters in the National Capitol Region (NCR) remains a DOD objective.” Warner said this proves Rumsfeld and company had shot first and asked questions later. The question is Warner’s motive. Is he gearing up an effort to sink the BRAC plan when it comes to Congress next month