Wing Box Problem Spreads Among Old C-130s

Wing Box Problem Spreads Among Old C-130s: About one year ago, Air Mobility Command grounded 30 C-130E transport aircraft that evinced numerous, severe cracks to the center wing box structure. It placed another 60 C-130s—a mix of models—in restricted flying status. Today, the number grounded is 38, reports the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph, as more of the elderly airlifters reached a critical 45,000 flying-hour mark. The recovery plan calls for a mix of replacing the boxes on some aircraft, repairing cracks on others, and retiring some in favor of new C-130Js coming on line. A new wing box, installation kit, and the actual installation—done by the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia—cost about $9 million per aircraft, officials told the Telegraph.