Father of the Minuteman Dies

Retired Col. Edward N. Hall, the Air Force rocket expert who is credited with pulling together the concept for the Minuteman ICBM, died Jan. 15, 2006, in Torrance, Calif., at 91. Hall joined the Army Air Forces on Sept. 26, 1939, and served in England during World War II as an engineer in aircraft repair. At war’s end, Hall gathered intelligence on Germany’s propulsion work, analyzing rocket equipment and helping divide the spoils between the US and England. At Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, Hall worked on solid and liquid rocket power plants. His work led to engines for Atlas, Titan, and Thor missiles. Hall briefed the Air Force hierarchy on the potential of solid-propellant ballistic missiles, pushing for development of the Minuteman ICBM. He retired in October 1959 and went to work for United Aircraft Corporation on space programs.