What the House Wrought for 2007

The Fiscal 2007 defense appropriations bill that passed out of the House earlier this week would provide the Air Force with $2.9 billion to fully fund purchase of 20 F-22A Raptors and another $477 million toward advance procurement of 20 more in 2008. (Read the summary here.) It also includes $2.2 billion for 12 C-17 airlifters, with an additional $789 million for three replacement C-17s. The bill approves $697 million for the C-130J program, along with $90 million for advance procurement, and $4.2 billion for R&D on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. However, appropriators cut one of the five production aircraft USAF had requested, likely of the same mind of authorizers who are leery of program delays and concurrency issues.