Second C-5 Puzzle Piece—a New Engine, Plus

Once a C-5 receives the avionics upgrade, it can move to the Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program, the second phase of the service’s massive modernization program for its fleet of 112 C-5 airlifters. Currently, USAF has a has a system development and demonstration contract with Lockheed Martin to upgrade two C-5Bs and one C-5A, replacing various “bad actors,” says Aeronautical Systems Center official Dave Schairbaum. Lockheed will install 50 new reliability enhancement systems and components, make structural upgrades, and install new F138-GE-100 engines, pylons, and auxiliary power units. Lockheed completed the required ground engine start test on the first aircraft in January, and Schairbaum says first flight is on track for April. He expects the second aircraft to fly in July, followed by the third in September. Flight tests are to continue through 2007.