Highlights of the Conference Report:

Lawmakers would authorize $506.9 billion in 2008 budget authority for national defense, which include DOD and the national security programs of the Energy Department. Additions and reductions beyond the Administration request include:

• +$2.28 billion for eight C-17s

• -$35 million from the Airborne Laser (looking for independent review)

• -$100 million for Space Tracking and Surveillance System

• +$125 million for Advanced Extremely High Frequency communications satellite

• +$6.1 million for small satellite efforts

• +51 million for space situational awareness (a response to China’s A-Sat effort)

• -$100 million from GPS III (supportive, but concerned about ground systems)

• -$150 million from TSAT (with expression of full support)

• +$197 million for alternate engine for Joint Strike Fighter