McKinley Urges New Reservist Measures

Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley–chief of the Air National Guard–told a special commission that Washington needs to investigate ways to increase the appeal of serving in the National Guard and Reserves. McKinley’s remarks came at a July 19 at a hearing in San Antonio of the special Congressionally mandated National Commission on the Guard and Reserve. McKinley called on the government to explore all avenues, or face a potential recruiting problem. “What is the cost if we don’t support our Guard and Reserve?” asked McKinley. “I believe it would be a debate over conscription.” McKinley asked for the panel to keep matters in perspective, however, noting, “I’m not saying the sky is falling.” Leaders from all of the military’s reserve components urged the commission to ask Congress to update its policies regarding the staffing of the National Guard and Reserves, as well as improve compensation, benefits, training and equipping.