A New Level of Support

The Air Force activated the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing on Jan. 25 at Moody AFB, Ga. The unit, the first of its kind in USAF, is meant to streamline how the Air Force organizes, trains, equips, and employs battlefield airmen, who work directly with ground forces. The new wing consolidates the 3rd Air Support Operations Group at Ft. Hood, Tex., 18th ASOG at Pope AFB, N.C., and Moody’s own 820th Security Forces Group under a single command-and-control structure. The two ASOGs specialize in coordinating close air support and providing battlefield weather information, while the 820th executes force protection missions. “With the stand-up … the Air Force is dedicating itself to providing a new level of support to our highly specialized battlefield airmen,” said Brig. Gen. Michael Longoria, the wing’s commander, during the activation ceremony. (Moody report by SSgt. Andrea Thacker)