BRAC and the ANG Mobility Bases

CLICK HERE FOR ANG BOX SCOREHow did ANG’s mobility bases come out in the BRAC review? Our handy box score (click box at left) tells you what happened. ANG had 47 mobility bases—sites with either KC-135 tankers or C-130 airlifters and variants. The BRAC panel agreed with DOD that 11 of these bases should be stripped of aircraft. In another 16 cases, DOD and the panel again agreed on the specific number of aircraft that would remain. The remaining 20 cases generated some mostly minor disagreements; the panel added and subtracted a few aircraft here and there. In only five cases did the panel stop DOD from eliminating a flying mission. BRAC brought salvation to Birmingham Airport, Ala.; New Castle Co. Airport, Del.; McGuire AFB, N.J.; Reno-Tahoe Airport, Nev.; and Yeager Airport, W.Va.