Tough Times Equals Opportunity:

The struggle to fund the Air Force of the future while maintaining a heavy combat tempo represents “an opportunity to redefine American air power,” Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley said at AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando. Tight times are compelling the service to “streamline for warfighting” by reorganizing units to mirror the way they will go to war, by expanding and diversifying training, and by shifting to the next generation of weapons and operational concepts, Moseley said. A major element in this streamlining effort is the integration of active, Guard, and Reserve forces in all mission areas. His recent white paper on transforming the service is the first step in recognizing changes that already have taken place and spurring those that are needed, Moseley said. As for hardware, he predicted the Fiscal 2010 future years plan, already in development, will answer long-term questions of force structure and be the “legacy” of the Bush Administration. The Air Force’s acquisition priorities haven’t changed, Moseley added, saying the 2018 bomber is “doable” and expressing a wish for the KC-X tanker and CSAR-X helicopter programs to proceed without further delay.