Lockheed Martin officials rolled out a new strike weapon program for defense reporters visiting the company’s Orlando Missiles and Fire Control facility Wednesday, touting the Low Cost Miniature Cruise Missile as the “mini-JASSM.” Fielding a 1,000-pound, 100 nautical mile plus loiter time standoff weapon (with a 750 nautical mile range) inside the F-22 Raptor’s internal weapons bay could easily dispense with tactical targets in the opening hours of a conflict, said Lockheed’s Jim Pappafotis—head of the company’s strike weapons division. Looking at a 2008 advanced concept demonstration date, Pappafotis said the weapon’s viability has already been tested on a test bed at Holloman AFB, N.M. The LCMCM is about 144 inches to the JASSM’s 168 inches, said Pappafotis, adding that the weapon can attack moving and fixed targets with a smaller and more lethal warhead as well as multiple guided sub munitions.