Show Me State and Others Shown the Door

Although last-minute legal wrangling nearly prevented the BRAC commission from sending its report to the White House, several states lost out in their court bids at the nth hour. The Supreme Court rejected emergency injunction petitions by Illinois (over ANG’s 183rd Fighter Wing) and Missouri (ANG’s 131st FW). On Wednesday, US Dist. Judge Jean Hamilton had ruled against Missouri in its bid to save the Lambert Field F-15s. The state of Massachusetts moved late into the legal fray, only making it to US Dist. Judge George O’Toole, who on Thursday denied the state’s request for a restraining order to block closure of Otis Air National Guard Base. O’Toole took the approach of two other district judges—in Illinois and Missouri—who said the legal action was premature since commission recommendations had to be approved by the President and Congress.