Weapons School Introduces New Advanced Target Training Scenario

The Air Force Weapons School recently introduced a newly developed training scenario in its curriculum to better prepare graduates to tackle finding and tracking mobile advanced SAM targets. The realistic training scenario is designed to better prepare graduates to find, fix, and track (F2T) mobile advanced long-range surface to air (SAM) systems. The scenario kicked off the school’s “Advanced Integration Phase,” where all 18 USAFWS squadrons and 23 weapons instructor courses integrate and execute advanced missions, such as special air operations, offensive counter air drills, and joint forcible entry scenarios. The new F2T training integrated advanced ISR effects from the newly formed 25th Air Force, and included participation and capabilities from a wide range of aircraft, including F-16s, F-15Es, RC-135V/W, RQ-4 Global Hawks, as well as the Air Force Targeting Center, among other entities. “Unique training such as this happens at the USAF Weapons School because of our investment in the planning, executing, and debriefing instructional model,” said Maj. Tyson Wetzel, the mission’s instructional expert. The mission involved “one of the toughest tactical problems facing US airpower,” he said, noting that was proud of how students performed. The current class is scheduled to graduate at Nellis on Dec. 13. (See also Shorter Weapons Course, More Integration.)