GBU-69 Small Glide Munition

Small Glide Munition is a standoff, precision guided munition specifically tailored to SOF mission requirements.

Internally carried GBU-69/B were integrated onto the next-generation AC-103J gunship as part of Block 20+ upgrades, following initial operational testing. USSOCOM is currently working to integrate the weapon onto RPA platforms including the MQ-9.

The weapon is deployable from the AC-130J’s ramp-mounted Common Launch Tubes or dropped conventionally. It is capable of quietly reaching targets from standoff range using its deployable wings to minimize risk to delivery platforms.

The weapon utilizes semi-active laser and lattice-type control fins (similar to the GBU-57) for guidance and terminal stability, and is capable of receiving in-flight targeting updates via two-way data link.

The weapon was jointly developed between Dynetics and USSOCOM. The company was awarded two contracts in FY18 totaling $104 million for delivery of approximately 1,000 weapons through 2022. FY21 SOF funds procure 478 SGMs.

Contractors: Dynetics.
First Flight: Feb. 16, 2000 (USAF).
Delivered: 2020-present.
Active Variants: •GBU-69. Semi-active laser guided 36-lb low-yield bomb.
Dimensions: Span 28 in, length 3.5 ft, diameter 4.5 in.
Propulsion: None.
Performance: Near-precision capability at standoff range of 20+ miles.
Guidance: Semi-active laser.
Warhead: 36-lb blast fragmentation.
Integration: AC-130J; planned: MQ-9.

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