C-40 Clipper

The C-40 is a medium-range DV airlift aircraft based on the commercial Boeing 737-700. It is used to transport senior military commanders, Cabinet officials, and members of Congress, as well as performing other support missions.

C-40A is a long-range medium airlift aircraft capable of operating in passenger, cargo, or split passenger/cargo “combi” configuration developed for and operated by the Navy. C-40Bs are equipped with an office-in-the-sky arrangement, including clear and secure voice/data communication and broadband data/video. C-40Cs lack the advanced communications suite, are VIP configured with sleep accommodations, and are reconfigurable to carry 42 to 111 passengers.

All versions have modern avionics, integrated GPS and flight-management system/electronic-flight instrument system, and HUD. Each aircraft has auxiliary fuel tanks and managed passenger communications.

The fleet is designed for a 30-year service life, with an average of 21 years remaining. Recent mods include commercial wideband SATCOM for the C-40B. FY21 launches wide-band SATCOM upgrades as part of AMC’s Senior Leader Communication Modernization effort across the executive fleets.

A total of 11 aircraft will be modified to ensure redundant, survivable and secure/top-secret voice, data, and video conferencing for uninterrupted worldwide C2.

Contractors: : Boeing, L3Harris (Wideband SATCOM).
First Flight: April 14, 1999 (C-40A).
Delivered: 2002-2007.
IOC: Feb. 28, 2003.
Production: 11.
Inventory: Four (C-40A); six (C-40B); seven (C-40C).
Operator: AFMC, AMC, ANG, AFRC.
Aircraft Location: JB Andrews, Md.; Scott AFB, Ill.
Active Variants: •C-40A. Military cargo/passenger “combi” version of the Boeing 737-700C, with forward fuselage cargo door. •C-40B. VIP military-configured Boeing 737-700 with advanced comms. •C-40C. Passenger-configured Boeing 737-700, lacking advanced comms.
Dimensions: Span 117.4 ft, length 110.3 ft, height 41.2 ft.
Weight: Max T-O 171,000 lb
Power Plant: Two GE Aviation CFM56-7 turbofans, each 27,000 lb thrust.
Performance: Speed 530 mph, range 5,750 miles.
Ceiling: 41,000 ft.
Accommodation: Two pilots, up to eight cabin and maintenance crew (varies by model/mission).
Load: Up to 121 passengers or 40,000 lb cargo, or 70 passengers and three pallets in “combi” configuration (A); up to 89 passengers (B); up to 111 passengers (C).

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