Untapped Civilian Skills

The Air Force must make better use of the specialized skills of airmen within USAF’s reserve components, said Maj. Gen. William Etter, Air National Guard deputy director. “I think one of the untapped resources in the Guard and [Air Force] Reserve is civilian-acquired skills and talent,” especially in cyber security and other critical areas, Etter told attendees at the Reserve Officers Association’s national security symposium in Washington D.C. He added, “It really depressed me to go around and find . . . different talents that the service needs, [that] we’re not pressing into service.” He spoke Monday. As we’ve reported, one example of where the Air Force is already utilizing such reserve component expertise is the Critical Care Air Transport Team mission. Air Guard personnel, many possessing a wealth of medical trauma skills, returned to the mission this year after the Air Force began a new deployment scheme that made it more reasonable for them to balance their service and civilian jobs/private medical practice.