The Big Guns Come Out

The Big Guns Come Out: The Obama Administration sent its top diplomat and military leadership to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to make the unified case for Senate ratification of the New START arms control agreement with Russia. “The choice before us is between this treaty and no treaty governing our nuclear security relationship with Russia,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the foreign relations committee. “This treaty,” added Defense Secretary Robert Gates, “reduces the strategic nuclear forces of our two nations in a manner that strengthens the strategic stability of our relationship and protects the security of the American people and our allies.” Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assured the lawmakers that New START “has the full support of your uniformed military.” The White House submitted the treaty to the Senate on May 13. Obama wants its ratification by year’s end. (See also AFPS hearing coverage: report on Gates and report on Mullen)

(Clinton prepared remarks)

(Gates prepared statement)

(Mullen written testimony)