Take Me

In an effort to accelerate the process of filling the approximately 16,000 vacancies in critical mid- and senior-level acquisition career fields such as auditing, financial management, contracting, and science and technology management, the Air Force is streamlining its hiring processes. As part of the changes, interested parties will be able to submit their applications directly to the organization that they would like to work for. In turn, the organizations will be authorized to appoint qualified personnel to an open position on the spot without going through the typical application process, according to the Air Force Personnel Center. “This accelerated hiring process will save a considerable amount of time for employers and applicants,” said Michelle Siples, an AFPC human resource specialist. In fact, AFPC said these changes will enable hirings to occur in half the time. The accelerated hiring policy will be in effect through September 2012. “All job-specific requirements, certifications, and qualifications still apply,” said Siples. (Randolph report by 2nd Lt. Gina Vaccaro)