Sheppard Launches Nuclear Course

Air Force officials with the 82nd Training Wing at Sheppard AFB, Tex., launched the new four-week nuclear accountability course on Oct 5 that will provide hands-on, realistic instruction for squadron-level munitions officers and noncommissioned officers responsible for the day-to-day tracking and monitoring of the service’s nuclear munitions. “Previously, the officers and NCOs taking on accountability duties would learn on the job,” said Maj. Wes Adams of the wing’s 363rd Training Squadron. He added that this course also provides “a solid, academic foundation” and ensures that training will now consistent across the service. Ed Wang, an instructor, said the course is also about “building future leaders” who know the nuclear business intimately and understand the demands of managing the nuclear enterprise. Nuclear accountability is the second nuclear-related course instituted at Sheppard this year, following the nuclear fundamentals course that debuted in May. (Sheppard report by George Woodward)