Schwartz Calls for Renewed Focus on Unit Readiness

Pressure will only intensify in the coming years to reduce defense spending due to a budget climate “unlike anything we have encountered in decades,” writes Gen. Norton Schwartz, Chief of Staff, in his CSAF Vector 2011, dated Monday, that lays out his vision for the service. This pressure comes at a time when the Air Force needs to modernize many capabilities—like fielding the F-35 strike fighter, a new tanker, and the future bomber—to provide the global power-projection capabilities that the nation requires. “But without a trained and ready force, these capabilities will be of little use,” writes Schwartz. “For this reason,” he continues, “in the coming year, I want to actively guard against becoming a hollow force . . . by renewing our focus on unit readiness.” In fact, he adds, “My pledge for the coming year is to strengthen unit readiness and avoid a creeping hollow force that provides only the illusion of global vigilance, reach, and power.” (See also SAF/PA report by SSgt. J. Paul Croxon)