SBIRS, DSP Satellites Transferred to New Ground System

Command and control of Space-Based Infrared Systems and Defense Support Program satellites and payloads have been transferred from three legacy sites in Colorado to the new Block 10 ground system Mission Control Station at Buckley AFB, Colo., according to a press release. Col. Mike Guetlein, remote sensing systems director, called the move “a major milestone” in demonstrating Block 10’s ability “to conduct the missile-warning and defense missions of the SBIRS and DSP constellations, and to gain operational acceptance.” The transfer will bring increased performance capability in missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness, and technical intelligence, he said. The Space and Missile Systems Center’s remote sensing systems directorate in January sent the first live mission messages to the floor of the Block 10 unified mission control center. The next major milestone decision, scheduled for the end of May, is the Air Force program executive office certification for entry into trial period and operational user evaluation. The Air Force’s Operational Test and Evaluation Center and Space Command will determine operational acceptance in November.