Save Bodies, Trim Cold War-style Logistics

Air Force senior logisticians asked Rand Corp. to analyze the service’s Cold War-structured logistics enterprise with the expectation that USAF could operate more efficiently, thus saving personnel who could be redirected to fill stressed fields such as security forces and civil engineers. According to a just-released Rand monograph, an initial review that considered maintenance networks for F-16, KC-135, and C-130 aircraft concluded that USAF could be “more effective and efficient” if it consolidated “certain wing-level scheduled maintenance tasks and off-equipment component repairs.” Take the C-130, for example, Rand analysts concluded that a consolidated repair facility that handles component repair and isochronal inspections for active duty and Air Force Reserve Command would save 2,500 slots, while a CRF that included the Air National Guard would save 3,200 slots. The analysts also note that Air Force Special Operations Command already uses this centralized ISO concept. (Rand Web page to reach monograph)