Same Name, Different Game

Air Force Reserve Command’s 433rd Airlift Control Flight at JBSA-Lackland, Texas, served as the lead agency in the annual Patriot Hook exercise, which integrates federal agencies with the military in disaster and emergency-response scenarios, states a base release. The AFRC-sponsored exercise took place in late April at NAS North Island, Calif., as well as Los Alamitos and the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field on San Clemente Island. “Even though it’s the same in a name [every year], it is always a different mission, with different people, and different challenges. It’s a continual improvement process of shaping and honing our combat skills,” said Maj. Robert Acosta, contingency response element commander. “It gives us an opportunity to refine our mission essential tasks, and teaches us what it will take to support a real-world mission.” The Federal Bureau of Investigations’ rapid deployment team was among the civilian agencies that participated. “We couldn’t do our job without the assistance of DOD – it’s a great partnership and it’s one of the most valuable assets we have in performing RTD’s mission,” said John Harker of the FBI.