Robins Maintainers Finish C-17 Mods

Maintainers at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex in Georgia recently completed modernization of the avionics and weather radar on the Air Force’s C-17s, according to a base release. Work on this Block 16 upgrade had been underway since 2007, with technicians installing the enhancements on more than 220 C-17s, states the release. The upgrade involved replacing thousands of wires and avionics components and fitting the aircraft with additional ports for satellite communications and with new navigation tools, weather radar stations with color palettes, and better displays. Work continues on the C-17 fleet’s next modernization project, the Block 17 upgrade, under which the airplanes will receive new interior and exterior combat lighting. “When troops are being medically treated inside, we’re able to provide capabilities that can block light from escaping to the outside. We can also illuminate the exterior using different covert lighting,” said Eric Bickett, 562nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron first line supervisor. The last C-17 slated for the Block 17 upgrade will arrive at Warner Robins in December, and is slated to return to the fleet in 2016.