Renuart Optimistic on Mexico

Despite a disintegrating security environment and rampant drug-related violence inside Mexico, US Northern Command’s top general expressed confidence in his Mexican partners at AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium Thursday. While saying the situation is being tracked closely by NORTHCOM and that it is “certainly something to worry about,” Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart is not as pessimistic as some recent reports on the Mexican government’s ability to handle the crisis. “I hesitate to put Mexico on the brink of failure,” he said in response to a question about the situation. He cited their economic downturn as being less severe than other countries in the region and praised efforts by the Mexican government to reshape its military structure to combat the powerful drug cartels. In the end though, the security situation revolves around the cartel’s business, Renuart said and noted that much of that narcotics trade winds up in the US. As such, he said that NORTHCOM has helped provide support in the areas of sensors for interdiction efforts and tunnel detection technology along the border.